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Kindergarten Okotoks

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Policy:

  1. Parents must accompany their child to their classroom and complete the Daily Sign-In Sheet.
  2. Pick-up their child in their classroom and complete the Daily Sign-Out Sheet.

For safety purposes, children are only released to their parents or individuals on the Emergency Contact Form. If someone other than a parent will be picking up, please ensure their name is on the Emergency Form and that they bring a valid photo ID. It is also a good idea to let your child's teacher (or the Director) know if someone other than yourself will be picking up your child on a particular day.


Parents are responsible to pack a small snack for their own child(ren). Please include a water or juice bottle instead of a juice box or kool-aid. Consider choosing healthy snacks as opposed to "junk-food" type snacks and should not contain nuts or nut butter of any kind.

Preschool Okotoks

Illness Policy:

We want to ensure the health and safety of the children in our care. In order to do this, the following Illness Policy has been established. If a child exhibits any of the following, they will need to be picked up:

  • Temperature of 101F or higher
  • Vomiting or excessive diarrhea
  • Contagious conditions (e.g., chicken pox, lice, pink eye), rashes or illness.

NOTE: If a child is absent from the preschool with a communicable disease, a physician's note must be obtained before the child can return. Parents will be notified or exposure to any and all communicable diseases.


We will not administer medication of any kind to children other than emergency medication (ie: epi-pen, inhaler)

Discipline Policy:

Okotoks Preschool Academy

The preschool discipline policy will take positive action to help direct or redirect a child's behavior. Each child will be respected as an individual and each incident will be treated as an individual situation. Rules, routines and limits will be reasonably set and will be stated kindly but firmly. Furthermore, staff will model acceptable behavior and help a child regain self-control in rather difficult situations.

We will also follow the 1.2.3 Magic technique. This is a strategy that cues the child to their actions and provides opportunity for them to change their behavior before a time-out consequence takes place. It allows them to redirect themselves by making better choices to reflect more desirable outcome.

Another management technique that will be used is the use of verbal reminders, personal choices, classroom rules, hand signals to cue students (ie: hand raised above head to signal quiet) etc.

Children's Belongings:

Okotoks Preschool Academy

Children are provided with a designated area to store their belongings. Parents are asked to bring in the following items for their child(ren).

  • an extra shirt, pants, socks and underpants
  • a pair of indoor shoes

Please label all of your child's belongings, with their full name, using a black permanent marker. You are responsible for all items brought to school. Expensive items are discouraged for our classrooms. We cannot provide reimbursement for lost or stolen property.

Emergency Contact:

Parents must provide current contact information (e.g., phone numbers, address) where they can be reached in case of an emergency. At least 2 alternative contacts must be provided in case we cannot get in touch with you. This information must be updated immediately whenever there is a change.

Educational Trips:

In order for children to participate in school field trips, parents must sign a permission slip. Permission slips can be obtained from your child's teacher or the Director. Parents will be provided with advance notice of all trips.

Fire/Emergency Drills:

We hold emergency drills on a regular basis to ensure the staff and children are prepared for handling an emergency. During these drills, the staff will help the children exit the center in an orderly manner and safely get to their assigned relocation area.

Termination/Suspension of Services:

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate services for: failure to make payments; disruptive behavior; or other actions deemed inappropriate. Upon termination, all outstanding balances must be paid.

Program Withdrawal:

Okotoks Preschool Academy requires 30 days written notice if a child is withdrawn from the program. Registration fees are non-refundable.

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