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A few years ago I went on the search for a preschool for my youngest daughter to start in. My older daughter had been to preschool in Ontario before we moved to Calgary, so I was unfamiliar with all of the area preschools. I started looking in Calgary and found the programs either overloaded or already full. My search eventually brought me to Carolyn and the Okotoks Preschool Academy. Zoe and I dropped in to visit and Carolyn's connection with her seemed instant. Carolyn got down to her level and spoke eye to eye to her. I knew we had found our preschool! With great class size, a extra large space, a consistent scheduled program, a mix of play and learning and a healthy dose of learning to respect other students and teachers.

Zoe is now almost 5 and starting Kindergarten in the fall. I feel she is extremely well prepared to take on that challenge. She understands how to interact with other children, how to follow a schedule (i.e. playing at play time and working at work time!), and has great confidence that she is ready to be a student at a higher level. My only regret is that we did not live in the area early enough for me to enroll my older daughter in the same preschool. I think if I had, she would have had a much better experience starting school! I can not say enough how happy we are with our experience with Carolyn and the Okotoks Preschool Academy.

Thank you again for being such a big part of our lives for the past 2 years.


Hi Carolyn!

I hope the new school year is going well for you and that you have lots of avid new students. I wanted to pass on some thoughts. Zoe started Kindergarten this year at Edison School after 2 years in your program. She entered this year as a confident and capable Kindergartner after learning all of the skills you passed on to her at Preschool. She is loving Kindergarten, is polite, helpful, excited and enthusiastic. You helped promote all of these things in her. Both Kindergarten teachers at the school have expressed to me that they can tell right away which students have come from you, and how happy they are to have them in their class. I was told by both that they can see a big difference in the children who went through your program and others. The kids from the Preschool Academy are polite, respectful, hard working, attentive and ready to learn. I see many familiar faces in Kindergarten – Zoe and W. are in the same class, C. and A. are in the other Kindergarten class. The classes occasionally work together and it is great to see the kids who have known each other so long work together. I work as a lunch monitor for the Kindergarten classes and enjoy how polite and respectful the kids from your program are. I can tell you, from being in the class with so many kids from different places, it is easy to spot right away which have learned to differentiate between play and work, (or even causing a ruckus and being helpful)!.

I just wanted to pass on to you again my sincere thanks for giving Zoe the start you did. I knew I was lucky I found you when I did - when I watched you kneel on the floor in front of Zoe and introduce yourself at her level. Everywhere else the teachers talked to her like a little kid, you treated her with the respect you expect the kids to treat you with. I admire what you have done. I hope you know just how special you are to us. The start that Zoe has had will certainly set her on a path to a lifetime of enjoyment and success in educational settings.

I have attached a picture of Zoe on her first day of Kindergarten - she has grown even in the short time since you have seen her. She still asks when we can come to visit. We'll have to stop in one day soon.

Take Care,
Helen R. (Zoe's mom – or as the Kindergarten class call me "Mrs. Zoe's Mom"!)

My daughter and son both went to the Academy and loved it. As parents we always felt good about sending them there because not only were they having fun but they were learning too! The teachers are awesome and the kids adore them. I originally came from another preschool in Okotoks but since moving over to Okotoks Preschool Academy we are now completely satisfied and happy.


My kids LOVE this place and so do I. The classroom is huge but has a low teacher/student ratio. There are tons of fun toys, books, educational toys, water table plus more! The classes are structured and fun. The teachers are wonderful and genuinely care for your child's well being and happiness. My children didn't want to leave! I would highly recommend Carolyn and her staff if you are looking to give your children the best start in education and life!


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love mitchell

Hi Carolyn,

Thanks again for donating a bench on behalf of Okotoks Preschool Academy to Dr. Morris Gibson School. It completes our seating area in the front of the school and contributes nicely for the students to use as a learning area.

Thanks again!
Dr. Morris Gibson School

Hi Carolyn,

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am that you had a space for E. Even though we started out at another close-by preschool, I am happy we switched over to your Academy. Big difference in my books! You and your teachers are amazing and your program is the best I have seen – and believe me I checked them out! Something I should have done right from the start! E. is sooooo much happier and wants to go to preschool every day now. We are thrilled and delighted that we made the switch over. Thanks!


Dear Carolyn,

I think you're wonderful. We love you and your school, it's the best!

L. loves the books that you're sending home, they are really cool, it's just right for him. I think I told you but not sure if I did, but L. passed his assessment for Strathcona, so thank you so, so much, you really helped get him back on track with his reading and made him enjoy reading again, and to feel like someone other than his mum was interested in him and a teacher! As a result, he's taken the next leap in his reading he's getting more and more fluent each time he reads. His school are sending books home, but when it's reading time, he goes to your book pouch first every time.

Mel A.

P.S the kids send squashes back xoxoxox


I would highly recommend Okotoks Preschool Academy. The classrooms are very clean & organized & the staff are wonderful. Having volunteered at the school, you really do see how much fun the kids have. It's a great place to learn & make new friends!


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