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Monthly Tuition Fees & Hours of Operation:


kotoks Preschool Academy acknowledges that a low teacher/child ratio is essential in maximizing the full development and well-being of each individual child.

Each class has qualified teachers and teacher assistants.

Age Group # Days per Week Actual Days Time Monthly Fee
3 2 Tues/Thurs mornings 9:00 - 11:30 $195.00 Alberta Grant
4 – 5 2 Tues/Thurs afternoons 12:30 - 3:00 $195.00 Alberta Grant
4 – 5 3 Mon/Wed/Fri mornings 8:45 - 11:45 $240.00 Alberta Grant
4 – 5 3 Mon/Wed afternoons 12:30 - 3:30 $205.00 Alberta Grant

* Must have 10 children minimum to run the afternoon classes

Alberta Grant

Did You Know?

The Alberta Government provides financial assistance to Alberta families with preschool children who are enrolled at the Okotoks Preschool Academy.

Please see the Alberta Child Care Subsidy website to learn more and apply.

To register and reserve a placement for a child in our preschool a non-refundable fee of $100 is required at the time of registration. Our preschool will accept cash or post-dated cheques. Tuition fees may be paid in the form of post-dated cheques for the year. Parents may have their choice of the following payment options:

Option 1. Payment with post dated cheques

Tuition fees may be paid in the form of post-dated cheques. Please include $100 non-refundable registration fee, dated for the time of registration, along with 10 post-dated cheques written for the first of every month (Sept June). All 5 registration forms must be filled out and cheques submitted before registration is complete and secured.

Option 2. Payment made in full at the time of registration

The registration fee of $100 will be 50% off when a payment for the preschool year is made in full at the time of registration. The registration fee will then be $50 and combined in the total amount payable for the year, dated the day of registration or by cash.

3 year olds

2 days a week (Tue/Thu am – 2.5 hrs)
payment is 10 months x $195 = $1950.

4 – 5 year olds

3 days a week (Mon/Wed/Fri am –  3 hrs)
payment is 10 months x $240 = $2400.

4 – 5 year olds

2 days a week (Tue/Thu pm – 2.5 hrs)
payment is 10 months x $195 = $1950.

4 – 5 year olds

2 days a week (Mon/Wed pm – 3 hrs)
payment is 10 months x $205 = $2050.


  1. There will be a $30 charge for N.S.F. cheques.
  2. Outstanding fees will be charged 3% interest per month.
  3. All children must be toilet trained – no pull-ups please!
  4. Children must be 3 to attend the Tuesday Thursday morning program.
  5. Children must be 4 by December 31st in order to attend the MWF program or the
    Tuesday / Thursday afternoon program.

Registration Forms:

If you would like to register your child with the Okotoks Preschool Academy please complete the following forms and mail or drop them off at the school.

Our forms are provided in Adobe Acrobat format. You can download a free acrobat reader program from Adobe's website.
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader
  1. Okotoks Preschool Academy Registration Form
  2. Health Record Information Form
  3. Permission for Field Trip & Website Acknowledgement Form
  4. Emergency Transportation & Treatment and Permission to Photograph Form
  5. Portable Record Form

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